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My story of attending a four day hair transplantation conference in Washington, D.C.

A couple of years ago I attended the big one - the annual meeting of the "International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery" in Washington D.C. I was invited to attend this prestigious conference as a guest of my hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Ron Shapiro.

Two years after beginning my nearly magical transformation, I found myself being examined by dozens of hair transplant surgeons. They ran their fingers through my hair during a patient examination session and lavished praise on the quality of my newly transplanted hair. I’d never received so many glowing compliments in 20 minutes. I felt like Cinderella on the night of the big ball - magically transformed and swarmed with attention.

But what felt like a fairy tale miracle was really all about Dr. Shapiro and his clinic’s mastery at doing all micro follicular unit hair transplantation. I’d always known that the Shapiro Medical Group’s work was exceptional, but hearing prominent hair transplant surgeons from around the world rave about their work confirmed my best suspicions.

While I was there, I watched as Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Keene, and Dr. Rose taught other hair transplant surgeons their technique of all micro follicular unit hair transplantation. This technique, which is clearly better than the mini/micro grafting used by most surgeons, seemed to be what many of the leading doctors were striving to learn during the four day conference.

I also learned that Dr. Shapiro not only taught many of these doctors his procedure, he preformed it on them as well. I met several doctors who not only raved about Dr. Shapiro and his associates, but the excellent work Dr. Shapiro did for them personally. One hair transplant surgeon, who had Dr. Shapiro do his own transplants, called Dr. Shapiro "the doctors doctor" because of the many hair transplant surgeons he has done work on.

In short, attending the conference confirmed what I had already experienced, that Dr. Shapiro and his associates are practicing and teaching the best hair transplant procedure in the world.


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