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Helping those with hair loss.

Hair loss, Pat's story.

As a guy who's beat hair loss and baldness with hair transplants and propecia , I've got good news.

A Hair loss solution that works!

Pat's hair loss and recovery picture

Before hair transplant surgery After hair transplant surgery

Stopping my hair loss and beating baldness was like watching a miracle.

In the process of fighting baldness, I've learned what it takes to beat hair loss using hair transplants, propecia, and minoxidil. That's what I'm here to share my with you - knowledge on how to beat baldness and stop hair loss on your own turf (or bare spot).

Learn about how to restore your hair and find an outstanding hair restoration physician.

To learn about the most advance hair restoration procedures and quality physicians performing them I suggest visiting the Hair Transplant Network, The Hair Loss Learning Center and the Hair Restoration Forum. These hair restoration communities offer recommendations for leading hair restoration physicians who have been prescreened by hair transplant patients. These sites also host a very active hair restoration discussion forum.

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Create your own Blog on the Hair Loss Web Blog site. Its free, simple and can easily be edited and updated.

For very in-depth information about hair loss visit the multimedia Hair Loss Learning Center to view animations and videos and learn about the elite members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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